Root Shadow Training with Sherry Ratay

Get down to the “root” of the problem with Sherry Ratay’s Root Shadow Classes.

Root shadowing is a fantastic technique that gives hair both depth and additional color intrigue. It adds a sense of sophistication and texture without taking away from the hair’s overall color and looks. And while this style is relatively low maintenance for the customer, if a stylist does not meticulously apply it, the effect can be uneven and not flow with the bevels of the head and hairstyle.

So how do you get that “shadow root before and after” photo that shows your clients that you know how to add dimension to their hair without negatively drawing the eye?

You know the ins and outs of your technique.

If you’re struggling with your root shadow technique or want to improve your skills in this popular style, you’ve come to the right place.

Root Shadow Training Courses

Sherry Ratay is an award-winning celebrity colorist and salon owner. She’s traveled the world to train other professionals in the industry and knows how to help clients look and feel beautiful. And now, she’s offering monthly classes to assist her fellow stylists in the proper application and root shadowing techniques. You can count on this training to be judgment-free and intimate – Sherry’s goal is to create tight bonds between course members to create a collaborative and inviting environment.

During this informative root shadow training, you’ll learn:

  • Proper root shadow technique from start to finish
  • How to draw the line between root smudge vs. shadow root techniques
  • The critical differences between shadow root with a demi acid hair color and a demi alkaline hair color, the visual difference is unbelievable 
  • How to create the perfect shadow root on any texture or style
  • And more!

Ready to learn from the best in the industry? Enroll in Sherry’s Root Shadow Training Courses today to step up your game and create looks your customers will love!